Cory and Ashleigh’s Wedding

December 10th, 2014 by Sarah

Thank you to Cory & Ashleigh for including Petals & Twigs in your big day!  We had so much fun working with you and especially creating a floating monogram for the pool at Celebrations at the Reservoir.

 Thank you to Anne-Sophie Marchal Photography for the beautiful pictures.

Flowers included Hydrangeas and Roses.









Have a great week!

- Sarah

Every Time You Buy a Poinsettia, A Gingerbread Man Breaks A Leg

December 3rd, 2014 by Sarah



This Holiday Season have a beautiful Petals & Twigs arrangement bring you holiday cheer!

You can find our flowers:

Fridays at Fraiche

Everyday at Ellwood Thompson’s.

Or custom order the perfect arrangement for your holiday centerpiece by emailing Sarah at

Help save the gingerbread men!

04.16.10 flowers

Holly Ball & Cotillion Season

November 26th, 2014 by Sarah

Can you believe it is Holly Ball and Cotillion Season already!?!?!

Order your wrist corsages, posies, and boutonnieres from Petals & Twigs!

Wrist Corsage – $24
Triple Pearl Band
Greens include Boxwood & Poet’s Laurel
Choose: Red, White, or Pink Roses
Choose: Silver, Gold or White Ribbon
Choose: Gold or Silver Accents

Posies – $15
Variety of Greens
Choose: Red, White, or Pink Roses
Choose: Silver, Gold, or White Ribbon
Choose: Gold or Silver Accents

Boutonnieres – $7
Choose: Red or White Rose

To order please email

Pickup is Friday, December 5, between 2-6pm and
Saturday, December 6, between 10am-12pm
at 5205 West Grace Street, Richmond, VA 23226
Studio is at the East Side of House set back from the street.

Thanksgiving Arrangements

November 12th, 2014 by Sarah

This Thanksgiving while you are spending time with your family and fixing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful that you left your centerpiece to Petals & Twigs.  Place your custom Thanksgiving order by November 20th by emailing Sarah at with your centerpiece needs.  Be sure to include if you would like to make the arrangement in a container that you already own.  Arrangements will be ready by November 26th.

Pre-made arrangements will also be available at Ellwood Thompsons.

Here are some examples of our custom arrangements!


Thanks for making this a great year for Petals & Twigs.  We are thankful for you all.

- Sarah

Chrysanthemum Season!

October 30th, 2014 by Sarah


It is Chrysanthemum Season and I bet most of you have them sitting on your front porches and back patios as some added color.  Well, here are some fun facts about these great plants!

- Mums are the most popular plants sold between August and November

- If you were born in November, Mums are your birth flower

- If you purchase a Mum in a pot you can plant them in your yard or garden and they will come back the following year.  (In fact the picture above is from a garden where they have come back for 10 years!)

- Mums help remove toxins from the air

- Mums originate from China and are believed to bring happiness and laughter to your home

- Chrysanthemum Tea is very popular as is believed to be a relaxant

See…they are much more then just a pretty flower in the fall!

Have a great weekend!

- Sarah

Forrest & Holly’s Wedding

October 10th, 2014 by Sarah

Thank you to Holly & Forrest for having Petals & Twigs be part of your big day!  We loved adding romantic arrangements to your already beautiful day.   And thank you to Enigma Photography for sharing these beautiful pictures!

The wedding arch was full of  white hydrangea, peach david austin roses, poets laurel, seeded eucalyptus, magnolia, and white roses.

Forrest’s boutonniere is spray rose and seeded eucalyptus.

Holly’s romantic bouquet was arranged with peach david austin roses, white dahlias, white and pink spray roses, sword fern, queen annes lace, seeded eucalyptus.

Table arrangements included peach david austin roses, whtie dahlias, white and pink spray roses, seeded euchalyptus, queen annes lace.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

- Sarah

5 Ways to Add Pumpkins to your Wedding

September 24th, 2014 by Sarah

The weather is cooling down here in Virginia, fall has officially started, and there are only 6 more days until October.


I think pumpkins are a great accent to your wedding floral arrangements.  I generally do not use them as a vase to your flowers because I would hate for there to be a chance that you will smell rotting pumpkin as you walk down the aisle.  Instead, I like to incorporate them into my arrangements.

Here are 5 ways to Add Pumpkins to your Wedding

#1 – A simple pumpkin hangs from a shepherds crook with ribbon and a few leaves and twisty branches at the top. Photo credit : Charlotte Geary Photography.

#2 Place cards! You can have your gorgeous fall flowers as the centerpiece and still incorporate baby pumpkins on the table. Photo from Rustic Wedding Chic

#3 Pumpkins & Twigs!  Maybe I should change my name in the fall?

#4  Add pumpkins to your spring colored flowers and still have a fall feel at your October Wedding!  Photo Credit: Leslie Walker Photography

#5 Too cute!  A pumpkin ring bearer “pillow”.


Please note that none of these are Petals & Twigs originals.  They are simply inspiration for you!

Hope you enjoy the cooler weather this weekend!

- Sarah

Becca and Tom’s Wedding

September 17th, 2014 by Sarah

Another wedding in the books for Petals & Twigs!  We have loved all the weddings we have been involved in this year.

 Thank you to Becca and Tom for including us in your wedding!

And thank you to Erin Forehand Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of the flowers!

And now we want to share it all with you!

Becca’s awesome bouquet was full of succulents, seeded eucalyptus, peach spray rose, peach roses, white veronica, white spray roses, white dahlia, salidago, white rununculus, pods, and queen anne’s lace.


Her bridesmaid’s bouquet was about the same with some variegated pitosorum also.

Tom’s boutonniere was spray rose and seeded eucalyptus.

And finally we did the ceremony flowers and table arrangements that include most of the same flowers used in the bouquets.

Hope you have a great weekend!

- Sarah

Why do Brides Carry Bouquets?

September 11th, 2014 by Sarah

As long as we can remember it has been tradition for brides to carry a beautiful bouquet down the aisle…but why?  Sure, they are pretty and they sometimes tie the rest of the decor into the ceremony….but how did it start?  According to the Huffington Post it was because brides were pretty stinky.

“Back in the 15th Century, most people got married in the month of June because they took their yearly baths in May and didn’t smell too bad a mere month later, the time it took back then to plan a wedding.

Just to be on the safe side and not drive the groom back out the door gasping for fresh air while holding a handkerchief protectively over his nostrils, brides began carrying bouquets of flowers to hide their body odor. That was preferable to the groom’s cries of “Oh My God, What’s that Stink!” at the alter. Unlike the bride’s, his bath had been taken only the day before the wedding.”

Luckily, today they aren’t there to mask an odor.  Just a pretty piece of tradition.

Have a great weekend!

- Sarah

Video – How to Pick a Container for Your Arrangement

September 3rd, 2014 by Sarah

Have you ever been so excited to bring in beautiful flowers from your garden only to have no clue which vase you should use? My video on picking a container for your arrangement will hopefully help you make the right decision and you can show off your flowers and flower arranging skills!



If you would like to view more of my how-to videos visit my youtube page here.

Hope you are having a great week!

- Sarah